Cougar Ladies Ladies, What Is With This "cougar" Phenomenon , Is This Your Way Of Conquering The Male Species ?

Ladies, what is with this "cougar" phenomenon , is this your way of conquering the male species ? - cougar ladies

Indirectly. Oh, I am a young man, young, naive and vulnerable. I
I think younger women are better than girls. Let me
Send me a nice, older, sexy, mature treatment. Hey there
nice. What is your life. Uh huh. Oh, come to Mama.
I am here for you. And she turns the act of deception, and his
I'm going home. Then WHAM! I'm sold on the dark side of feminism.
The sex was so good, I could not think clearly once more. They
Let me with my friends I had the money, which also
Mother angry at me. My mother thinks she is a black widow, you know. I am their prey. They manipulated, she used me for their selfish needs. My life is no longer the same. Someone
Help! Heh, heh, heh, heh. Oh, I do not like that? Well, ladies.
Of course I have no problem from an older woman. But for some,
not so lucky. I saw a show on the night as "Cougar"
starring Courtney Cox. And it was a commercial during the show and was an online dating serviceCougar EC for women. Hmmmm. On the other side of things can change that
in a kind of unconscious movements in which women try to
Men dominate us. Lets talk. Heh, heh, heh, heh ............


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