Electrolysis Supplies Im Trying To Break Water Down Through Electrolysis.?

Im trying to break water down through electrolysis.? - electrolysis supplies

In the attempt to get out of the water by electrolysis.
2H2O (l) → 2H2 (g) + O2 (g), E0 = -1.229 V
The problem is that I have all the supplies for use or if they know you.
I must also know how much energy is required to do so. How much hydrogen is produced. In the attempt to invent the electrolysis of something, but do not know how I do my math. For example, do not think I know what I mean E0 = -1.229 V
Or what is the difference between watts, volts, amperes or joules.
Is there someone I could talk to those who can help me understand everything, or perhaps even a useful page on this subject by all the information I need.
In the open to other ideas for a clean burning heat source.
The reason for the production of hydrogen from water to hydrogen burning just after the extraction of heat. The use of heat to boil water in the copper coils. Then we can use the waste heat to a turbine or generator to restore to power again to start the process.


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