Laser Sailboat Could I Sail From Jacksonville Florida To Miami In A Laser Sailboat?

Could I sail from jacksonville florida to miami in a laser sailboat? - laser sailboat

After studying at the university, because I am free time I thought about sailing from Jacksonville, Florida, Miami, and is also in Pensacola have to ensure that the entire coast of Florida. I prepare a small sailboat and laser type to search for information on how I could.


iuliurom... said...

The Laser sailboat is commonly referred to as "Day Sailor", which means they should be searched by date, considered. You can, in theory, sailing the coast of Florida, but when the lights attached (he runs was arrested by the Coast Guard and others) that you have to stop before the onset of darkness. would also contribute to water at least, if not food, and plan your trip well. I recommend to find a larger boat with a bed, or else some serious browser would need to find room for every night. Whatever you do, good luck.

seattles... said...

could be done, but the Lazer is a small ship, there is no way of provisions on board, put out a little water and a lunch. You can use a different boat to eat and sleep every night or through a series of short legs, sailing, beaching of the boat every day and make a friend with a support van.

Consider this question, how long I can go on a Lazer?

Hope this helps

TheMadPr... said...

Jacksonville, Miami probably be possible, especially if you stay in the Intracoastal Waterway, in particular - Standing near Pensacola longer can be problematic because it would in open water all the way to navigate.

dipsydoo... said...

forget. The sea is no place for this ship. The 250 miles of Miami, the winds are against the entire course.

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