Smtp; 554 Sorry, Message Looks Like Spam To Me> E-mail Sender Issues?

E-mail Sender Issues? - smtp; 554 sorry, message looks like spam to me>

I currently use Outlook Express on Shaw. I have absolutely no problem sending an email to everyone, but if someone (who is) e-mail me, you will receive the following error:

Your message could not be delivered for the following:

The address of the recipient:
Original Address: J ******
Reason: SMTP transmission failure occurred
Diagnostic-Code: SMTP; 554 error: dd Sorry your message to be delivered This account has been deactivated or terminated [# 102]. -
Remote system: dns; (TCP | | 14,054 | | 25) ( ESMTP Service Ready YSmtp)

twiztedschizo a Yahoo user name is, I did not use age in years.

I receive their e-mails fine, but every e-mail sender is sending, receiving the above error and I'm sure they're not very happy with it either.

Any help for this problem is appreciated. Thanks in advance!


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