Who Pays The Tax When Selling A Used Boat In Ontario Appeal Of Re-assessment, What Things Should I Include To Appeal This?

Appeal of re-assessment, what things should I include to appeal this? - who pays the tax when selling a used boat in ontario

Here in Indiana we reass no one comes to us, it is sometimes double, do not say that the house is not selling well. Reasseing by someone in Ohio! Then our Cnty Treasurer, to ensure that we lost a lot of money and have people pay for their homes are because they can not afford to pay taxes.
We have a few days on the opinion of experts, is that of the injustice of this appeal Tosaye an expert, is too high! So, what can I say in my assment tried everything to help myself? I tell the truth, as the windows when the house built, like roof tiles, etc. Taxes are higher than some of the customers who were in the elite neighborhood just a few years! Our councelman said he would not be good, even with a lawyer! They brought in boats to help relieve taxes gambeling, it was all a lie. There are no funds have been used to relieve us.Thanks!


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