Rabbit Watering System Has Anyone On Here Ever Housetrained A Rabbit, I Would Like To Give It A Try.?

Has anyone on here ever housetrained a rabbit, I would like to give it a try.? - rabbit watering system

I just had a baby angora rabbits, French. I) 2 others (adults who live outside (in the palace of rabbits, as they say, that my friends have cubby breaking litterbox, plates, resulting in short grass, toys, blocks of salt, the staff and the fans with a water jet systems and anti-insects), but I would like to receive the report and an opportunity. I have dogs in my house, but are highly qualified and love animals. Run Free chickens and ducks, and my indoor cats. I want to know how you do, where to save it at first, everything and nothing. Only a few weeks ago, so still with his mother, so I try everything ready before you are ready to come to me.


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