Audit Qualification What Are The Qualifications Of An Audit Opinion In A Companys 10-k?

What are the qualifications of an audit opinion in a companys 10-k? - audit qualification

They mean that when the audit report 10-K is a "qualified opinion". The basis of this description is as follows - The SEC requires publicly traded companies, which included an external auditor, its conclusion at the end of the test in 10-K. Now, with the introduction of SOX, the audit report contains a statement that the financial data that is new in the 10-K are factually incorrect and that the companies maintain effective internal controls (the second part, and after the Sarbanes-Oxley).

Normally, everything is included, and is given as is an "unqualified" opinion. It is very fitted audit opinion. However, if the controller is required to connect, to give in to the review of the books that either (1) in a certain sense, one can not say that books are factually correct, or (2) Books are correct, but that the company is in danger from the store, it should be noted that in his letter. This view, not the potential Mistater material, or if there are doubts whether the company can contíñüêà leads to a "qualified opinion". You can see examples by "qualified opinion" and "10-K" on Yahoo, what the results of this search.


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