Buckle Ring Can A Gold Ring Be Too Thick To Have Altered?

Can a gold ring be too thick to have altered? - buckle ring

I bought my husband a loop ring is a bit too small, but what my local jewelers, it's too thick to be excited. I asked for an item to add it to make it bigger, but he does not say can do.


rebecca j said...

No, this is not too thick to be modified, there is always something you can do.
The reason that the jeweler says nothing, more than likely that the ring is worth or will not be allowed to cost the effort. If it is thick, it is more difficult (but not impossible), and a lot of time, so their opinion is not worth the amount of money they could from them for free. If you have not already bought the ring from the jeweler in particular, that has previously represented, then everything goes wrong and it includes repair, and faced with a dissatisfied customer.

Even if you feel so much more money when selling goods Jewelers in value from 100 to 1000 pounds each day, then the money for the repair is quite insignificant, and is sometimes seen as a nuisance, if not in the mere.

Try to another jeweler to ask him to work his opinion, the handling of small, independent organizations that need them most so. Or you can even eliminate middlemen and to find jewelers (goldsmith often outsideGoldsmiths LP). Here, too, will make most fans of the work and will be cheaper when you do not have the brand jewelers.

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