Dynamometer Car Dynamometer Run By Computer Or Human?

Dynamometer run by computer or human? - dynamometer car

If you have a classic car-60 to a dynamometer is managed by a computer or a human.


chevyrac... said...

Nobody. Probs will test the exhaust pipes, strap your car to the dynamometer, then "drive" the vehicle on the rollers ..

The rollers are connected to a computer system that reads the force, speed, etc. spinning the reels and provides feedback of power (hp and torque)

The probes in the exhaust system is connected to a computer and exhaust reading their "emissions" in a certain way to the air to fuel --

John Paul said...

My foot is definitely the man. Get it at high speed and plants depend on the brand of the bank and the beauty of electric brakes are read Dyno your torque and power, no matter whether analog or rather read a chart. Only careful with the amount of the fee is equal to a test 1 / 4 mile. Enough of machine parts that are not weak. I recommend the clean engine oil before dyno pulls.

chevyste... said...


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