No Prior Installation Of Rome Total War Was Found How Do I Install Patches For Games??...rome Total War...?

How do i install patches for games??...rome total war...? - no prior installation of rome total war was found

I downloaded patches 1.3 and 1.5, but I can not install .... An error indicating that the installation was not detected before the total war Rome.
I did not copy the file onto the pavement in the game install folder, but the error still appears ..... this is the first time that I have to install a patch ... So I have no idea what they want. ... Brothers to help me !!!......


Sam 2g said...

Patches are not yet sure that you need to be to put their hands in the game as simple as a download. I suggest you copy the saved files and reinstall the game

ali said...

most PC games work only on patches cracks versions, so if you have a pirated copy
the game, you will probably not be able to install the patch.
Anyway, I could not I'm sure of total war Rome, never play.

Sara said...

Patches supplied by the editors of most of the games are installed automatically when you double-click on the patch if you downloaded.

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