Tanning Disaster Orange Self Tanning Disaster! HELP!?

Self Tanning Disaster! HELP!? - tanning disaster orange

So this is quite stupid that I soooooooo bored! I bought the lotion, said it was a burst blah, blah, might think it's just a lotion that gives a glimmer duh but for my friend and I were giving each other massages and I woke up this morning, and all types stripes of orange! ! I'm going this weekend to Las Vegas and can not orange stripes! I have 4 days to solve this problem, as it is? Please help!


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ABC said...


Angie said...

I had a moment of terror of Tanner's car, too. I do not have several things. I took hot showers and baths, and one that I have cleared my skin with alcohol, lemon juice, salt, and use a pumice stone. I was very next day. That's it for a day in this setting, all is well!

Abbie C said...

I would say go to a local pharmacy and you will find a certain type of cream ..... That might help.

uh, I'm not really sure if ... depends on how long, otherwise I would'm sure you can wash it if wwas last night, but would certainly be to clean!

~Covered in angels kisses~ said...

You need to take 2 showers every day until then.
Also need to rub your skin near the spot where it hurts, but not much tear to the skin.
Hope this helps. [:
Good luck.

Bored Again said...

Do not panic, sold remove tan, just hit the internet and see what shops sell. Furthermore, only scrub brush, 4 days is ample time for disposal.

rachpowe... said...

Go buy some tan scrub such as St. Tropez, and the shower was a couple of times during the laundry with this:)

Zoe's Mommy said...

Rubbing with a stone pumnis

^rawksta... said...

hold detergent. Good luck!

Natalie loves MAC ♥ said...

hold detergent disappear!

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