When Should I Show My Boyfriend My Underwear Is It Wrong To Send My Boyfriend A Picture Of Me In My Underwear?

Is it wrong to send my boyfriend a picture of me in my underwear? - when should i show my boyfriend my underwear

I know it's silly, but my friend sent me a photo of her magic wand ',' XD lol

But somehow I was talking to my best friend and I decided not to send it, but I thought the whole day and now I want to type.
The picture is not so bad, he does not appear anything other than my legs and I in a sleeveless shirt. It is so reliable, but they do not want to be a bitch, I've never done anything for anyone ..


Melissa said...

if not show her naked body and then i forward girl

Melissa said...

if not show her naked body and then i forward girl

Sierraka... said...

In addition to the good or bad, I think, if you ever break or when you show your friends, or go to search, your photo on the Internet in late May. This happens all the time, and although it may seem wild and fun at the same time that year on the road that could cost you a job, scholarship, marriage or more. Think before you send it, I feel as if you regret it, not immediately and then add the waste that we face, and concern in our lives.

Katie said...

I would say that if you are older does not go as 18th OK, do you have anything to anyone, but I have a photo of his penis. Send photos that you open a door that may not want to download. The men think with their penis, and it is not everything, say if they: say I love you with all my heart wants, I'm the blue balls Lets get busy

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