Call Back On Mammogram I Was Told That They Saw A Shadow On My Mammogram And I Needed To Redo It And Have An Ultrasound.?

I was told that they saw a shadow on my mammogram and I needed to redo it and have an ultrasound.? - call back on mammogram

It was my first mammogram and I do not want to the new procedures will be nervous, but I wonder whether it was normal again, a shadow made, and if it happens to many people and proves nothing.


DamaskDr... said...

The shadow can not be a problem, such as aluminum, if you wear a deodorant are caused by many things, days, or when moving the chest, or when the hiccups of the machine. It could also be a slight infection in a canal or a cyst Benin. Of course, it could be worse, but given a chance, I think, a cyst or something is, until the contrary is proved. Ultrasound is safe.

Messykat... said...

This is actually very common. Remember to documents that the complaint about always careful with these things for fear of. For example, many dermatologists per mole of the biopsy will be displayed, even if they know that by writing, okay.

And that is tripled with mammograms, which can be difficult to read and is one of the most contested (unfortunately) specialties. Radiologists leave the field of mammography mass because of this, and I guarantee you that reading everything that is safer than sorry. Therefore, the vast majority of these prove anything.

And the same principle applies with biopsies. You can be sure it is a benign, but goes on forever, to a biopsy. I do not blame them for doing, but it's annoying when these documents are not taking the time to communicate clearly that it is almost certainly a problem. Many have not yet and they should.

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