Chlamydia Kidney Pain Can Chlamydia Lie Dormant For Years Before Being 'triggered'?

Can chlamydia lie dormant for years before being 'triggered'? - chlamydia kidney pain

I spent the last three months, with pain when urinating .... does seem to have bad pain and dizzyness together .... stoamach I tested for bladder cancer, colon cancer and stones, kidney, prostate cancer xray. .... all negative.
My doctor refers to the standard unit of the hospital .... but I remained faithful over the past 18 years, and I think my wife is faithful to me.
We still use sex toys (anal), and led me to believe that in some cases this can lead to problems.
I read that some STDs can remain dormant for years and wondered if anyone has knowledge on the topic.

Thank you for your answers


Vanessa said...

You did not mention, IE, it could be, dass
I'm not sure what I'm saying. But one thing I know, do not watch idly chlamydia. Once you have exposed to the bacteria, an infection developed and it is time for treatment with antibiotics, has been completed and will be solved.
Chlamydia is a bacterium naturally in our bodies.
When running Anal sex is better to use a condom. Any small amount of stool or bacteria from the anus to the urethra may cause irritation.
Please have fun but be clean. They prevent Wash all toys in a dilute solution of bleach to infections.

♥betti cupcake♥ said...

Yes you can. many do

♥ said...

It could be chlamydia, but rather for women. You should see a doctor.

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