What Is Abnormally High Respiration Rate What Can Cause A Person To Swing From Abnormally High Blood Pressure To Abnormally Low Blood Pressure?

What can cause a person to swing from abnormally high blood pressure to abnormally low blood pressure? - what is abnormally high respiration rate

The person concerned is a woman of small stature and 78 years, without regard to conditions other than osteoporosis. Recently, it was with hypertension and acute hypotension is connected, and your doctor has no idea, but confirmed she had a stroke.

For high blood pressure, I mean, 190/112, triggering a trip to the emergency room the next day or later in the day will be very low, below normal.


brother3 said...

Swing to and fro BP, one of the major diseases that we believe that pheochromocytoma is a tumor of chromaffin cells secrete catecholamines) which hypertension is paroxysmal (45% can, which means that the dismissal is unlawful if a large amount of blood catecholamines for steam-BP go, is very high when stopping the secretion of BP by the amount of before.As his wife, 78 years BP could be brought under his doctor side.Tell for this disease, and some blood and urine tests to confirm diagnosis.You word about stroke, there are no clinical data has shown that if BP swing down the first 24 hours race, which indicates a poor prognosis, dying within 3 months.

Onefish Twofish said...

Drug 1). (MED take BP and lower BP, BP rebounds are high when it disappears) - Clonidine is famous for its
2) on the counter, herbal / ephedra resources (caffeine)
3) Illegal drugs - 78 years Philadelphia real cocaine!
4) instability of the autonomic nervous system - sensors in the neck measurement of blood pressure and heart rate setting. As we get older, can not this system. It is often portrayed as powerless.
5) adrenal tumors (1 million) - Application of the main screen urine doc.

This is the top of my head.

Black Shades said...

Since there is no evidence of bleeding, is the only thing I can think of an allergic reaction to medication.

Bill C said...

Some medications cause this.But you need to know your doctor if something prescribed.Do something he knows not to do anything?

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