Stardoll Mka Range Stardoll DKNY/MKA RC Prices?

Stardoll DKNY/MKA RC Prices? - stardoll mka range

I think to buy some DKNY Rare / MCA (RC only), clothing and accessories such as diving, high-rise buildings, etc.

What is a good offer for 4?
Here are a few that I,

DKNY Crystal Satin
DKNY V-Neck Dip Dye Dress
DKNY Shearling Cocktail Coat
DKNY Sparkle Purse
DKNY Striped Obi Sash (belt)
DKNY Headband
DKNY Ruffle skirt
DKNY Scuba
DKNY Skyscraper
All Over Sequin Tank DKNY
DKNY Sequin Shirt
DKNY T-shirt sequined dress
DKNY sequin mini (skirt)

MK Fur, and wayy more! Lol
Sailing includin gifts.
Choose the best answer!
Ty so Mch! Lol
Amyy xox xox


Baldado said...

What the hell? "Real money on a doll of the Internet! AN INTERNET Gewsh DOLL

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