Wilton Cookie Sheets Problems Why Do My Chocolate Chip Cookies Always Burn On The Bottom??

Why do my chocolate chip cookies always burn on the bottom?? - wilton cookie sheets problems

Well, I can not burn often, but always comes really white, dark brown on the bottom and pale on top. Sometimes they are really thick, even at first, but when I burn always leave you in the background. The other thing is that they are very shallow. The match I could come to pass for pancakes with chocolate chips, no joke. I measure and read the ingredients carefully and follow the directions on your prescription needs. Additional Information: I have a gas stove. I already have many different recipes, place the frying pan and on the environment, reduce heat to 10-20 degrees, and put a plate on the grid under my cookies in order to reduce heat but nothing seems to work! I have thick Wilton nonstick baking quality .... does not fit the factor that has nothing to do with it? Any useful suggestion appreciated!


Rob said...

To solve the burning of "down" problem of air consumption baking a piece of sandstone or a Silpat liner or pan, line with greaseproof paper.

To solve the problem spread of cookies also make sure that the dough is cold before cooking and they cook a dish in a hot oven. Cover and refrigerate the dough in the fridge before it in the form. The cold mass will retain its shape, while the hot mixture begins to go too far. You can even press the dough into a log, wrap in plastic wrap and cold, cutting and making homemade biscuits.
Among the many cool or let baking tray or switch between 2 or 3 baking sheets.

MORRIS S said...

Most Of The Time to spend the ER CHK uneven Bake Oven ... ... If TEMP AM That's good CHK CHOCOLATE in the sugar and the test or reciepes leaves in a frying pan cook REGULAR SHEET

Bignizz6... said...

To add to a temperature

Lizards:... said...

Place the cookie dough into small buns

Yahoo S said...

In the past I have solved this problem, but it! Go to Wal-Mart, Target, or save to any kitchen and order a pizza stone. You can get them online. Spend just $ 10, she receives nothing complex. Lowering the temperature to about 10 degrees below your current prescription. Get a hot stone, so that cookies as they do not leave now, and drop the stone. Cookies are never perfect. The Fund will not be too dark as the stone and keep the moisture cooks, the butter from burning crackers! By the way, we can truly giants cookies do not burn! It's been making for years and are still important and even easier than cooking because nothing sticks or complicated. Good eating cookie!

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