Yamaha Psr 550 Replacement Floppy Drive Amplifying My Keyboard?

Amplifying my Keyboard? - yamaha psr 550 replacement floppy drive

Hello, I have a Yamaha PSR 550, which I connect to my amp (Roland Cube 60), but if I get in touch, there, there is little noise when I play as a whistle. Is there a solution for this? As a noise?

Thanks in advance



Hi Matthew,

This connection must be good:

Adjust the volume and 60% on your keyboard, plug the keyboard (mobile) unit of Roland in the neighborhood inch jack input ( "IN" is mono).
The FX is used on the keyboard, the distortion is created in the Roland.
Note that Roland a mono output from the drive that you have on the Roland Stereo Stereo output on another power Amplifier can join.
Back to the user of your address book and read it.
Depending on what you do (the practice of recording live) wiring configuration changes. Shure and make the foreign exchange market will be minimized (or the keyboard or Roland or both).
One more thing, you use "Shield" cable ONLY.
By using a stereo keyboard in one device can cause breathing difficulties.

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